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5/28/05 12:47 am - fumeterre

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1/28/05 12:46 am - fumeterre

This is primarily an Add_Me community for girls who like shoujo ai and yuri. Although all girls are welcome, if you’re male and you wish to join your LJ identity must be female. This is a no boys zone! Also, adult subjects will be discussed, so if you’re immature or just don’t wish to hear the gritty details of other girls personal lives, this Add_Me is not for you. And obviously this is a Shoujo ai and Yuri community, so to those of you uncomfortable with lesbian subject matter, this community is not for you.
Any kind of girl may join, and so any kind of subject may be discussed, but slander, harassment, or hate speech will get you banned. Lolikon and Shotakon (in hentai form) may be discussed, but images/stories may not be posted. Adult subjects, including images, are to be labeled and posted behind LJ-Cuts.
Aside from that. ^_^ Now that I’ve got the dirty parts off my shoulders the fun part...
Add_Me journals are journals you add to your friends list, other girls can read your posts in this journal and you can read their posts, you can share information and ask for advice, or just chat about your life or share your pquize results. It’s all up to you.

5/28/05 12:04 am - fumeterre

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